Starting Patients on Acthar Gel

When prescribing Acthar Gel, there is an entire support team available through Mallinckrodt

The Acthar Gel support team includes the Acthar Sales Specialist, the Acthar Reimbursement Manager (ARM), and the Case Manager at the Acthar Hub, a no-cost resource for patients and healthcare professionals.

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Acthar Sales Specialists provide clinical and promotional information, including tools and resources to support Acthar Gel treatment. They may provide contact information for other members of the Acthar Gel support team.

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ARMs provide dedicated access and reimbursement support to help healthcare professionals work through the reimbursement process. ARMs can provide tools, resources, and patient status updates in person.

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Case Managers support patients and healthcare professionals from a central location, the Acthar Hub. Patient support includes helping patients through the reimbursement process, providing information about financial assistance options, scheduling injection training, and coordinating home delivery of Acthar Gel with the Specialty Pharmacy. Support for healthcare professionals includes working with office staff to facilitate the insurance company approval process as well as providing ongoing assistance for patients.

Getting Started is Simple

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Step 1 

Complete the Acthar Gel Start Form and fax it to the Acthar Hub at 1-877-937-2284.


Download the Acthar Gel Start Form


Download the Acthar Gel Start Form Guide for helpful instructions

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Step 2

The Acthar Hub faxes back a confirmation and contacts the office within 4 business hours to explain next steps, including prior authorization. 

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Step 3

The Acthar Hub may contact the office staff with questions. Responding in a timely manner helps ensure patients get Acthar Gel as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, contact the Acthar Hub:

Phone: 1-888-435-2284
Fax: 1-877-937-2284

The Case Manager at the Acthar Hub will keep office staff and patients informed about the status of their Acthar Gel prescription.

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